Welcome to the first release of the epic drama series #UnmitigatedBullshit.  The events you are about to perceive are #altreality based on #altfacts and #alttruth.  It is all #bullshit and should be taken seriously as such.   If you are a #bullshitvirgin you should stop now and think about the decision you are about to make.  … Continue reading #UnmitigatedBullshit


Gambling on US

Gambling on US The abuse of power and manipulation of government has been a hallmark of corporations throughout the second half of the last century reaching an apex and crashing in the recession of 2009.   The term casino capitalism was coined and President Barack H. Obama entered the office with a financial crisis created under … Continue reading Gambling on US

Sunset is my favorite colour

As the middle child and middle girl in a middle class working family of six children, living in a modest home with the middle bed in the corner bedroom overlooking the street, one of my favorite things to do was watch long summer days fade into sunset and twilight glow over the tree tops.  As the … Continue reading Sunset is my favorite colour